Solar Powered Refrigeration

In our constant search for new energy efficient products, we offer Battery and Solar Powered refrigerators. We can source household Off-Grid Battery and Solar operated freezers and refrigerators. These products are excellent for hurricane and high energy cost environments. We also offer solar powered commercial and military grade air condition systems.

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What is the strongest wood on earth that is naturally decay resistant, scratch and splinter resistant and also termite resistant?

Ipé is an exotic hardwood that is naturally rot and decay resistant. It is 8 times harder than California Redwood, and is typically durable for approximately 25-30 years. Ipé is generally a deep rich brown color with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. It has little or no knots, and if left natural, over time, turns a soft silver color.

It is used as decking, industrial flooring, railroad crossties, tool handles, turnery, textile mill items and as decorative veneers. As an extremely dense wood, it requires special tools such as premium carbide tipped saw blades and special drill bits. For a quality finished deck, color-coated stainless steel deck fastener systems are also available.

Ipé is quickly becoming the most desirable wood decking material as it does not require yearly staining, it is decay resistant, scratch and splinter resistant. In addition, it is naturally beautiful and it’s resistance to termites, are all suitable characteristics making it a good product for the Caribbean Region. A well know Jamaican shopping center developer choose Ipé for its outdoor flooring and walkways. They are so satisfied that they are considering using it again in a new project.

Please let us know if you desire additional information about Ipé. We can source, procure and export it to you.

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