LeSheridon Bed and Breakfast GuestHouse, Grenada, WI

(New Construction)

We are offering something unique in Grenada - top quality bed & breakfast accommodation for people who enjoy the good things in life in the company of a select and discerning few.

The house is beautifully furnished and has everything you need to enjoy a carefree stay in one of the most attractive islands in the Caribbean.

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Services Provided: Recommended, selected and supplied: Exterior & Interior Doors, Door Hardware, Windows; Skylights; Air Condition Units and Light Fixtures. Provided Kitchen Design and Building Color scheme advisory services and named the building.


When we began the project, the owner didn't have a name to match his vision. Our Founder, envisioned the name, "LeSheridon"which pleased our client. As a token of appreciation, we gifted them with the below custom-made, slate stone sign. To the right is another example of a unique custom sign that we can produce. Customer satisfaction is very important to our company, so if you have a question about what additional services we offer, please feel free to ask.We enjoy working to turn your ideas into reality.